Top 20 Best Side Hustles for 2020

Side Hustle

Are you not satisfied with your income? Are you looking for ways to supplement your monthly income? Do not worry as there are today many ways in which you can do a side business and earn money to increase your income.

Here are top 20 best side hustles for 2020.

What are the most profitable side hustles?

One can earn money doing many different things depending upon availability of time, skills, and personal liking. Not all side hustles are equally good paying, but people continue with them because of lack of options in front of them. Here are some side bustles that are very good paying.


Become a blogger. This is a side business where you write knowledgeable and informative articles on different topics. If you have a flair for writing and can create original content, you can soon grow a large fan following.

Once you have large number of followers, you can monetize your blog through Google ads and by placing links of other companies. If you have a little free time and possess good writing skills, you can earn decent side income as a blogger. 

If you develop a huge fan following, you can earn more than from your blogging.

Real estate investing

Real estate investing is a method of investing that can provide you attractive income.

Anyone can invest in real estate without any license though it is advisable to get knowledge about the housing market and real estate investing in general to avoid mistakes.

There are many ways of investing in real estate such as buy and hold, fix and flip, and rental income properties.

However, you need money to earn money through real estate investing.

You have to pay down payment which is around 15-20% of the value of the property while the rest is financed by a lender and you repay the loan in equated monthly instalments.

Virtual Assistant

With easy availability of fast speed internet, it has become possible for individuals to provide services to their employers in a remote fashion.

You can work as a designer, web developer, website builder, transcriptionist, or a translator to complete the projects of your employer.

The profession of a virtual assistant is very high paying and you can earn good money every month by providing your services remotely on the web.

What is the fastest way to make money on side hustle?

If you are in a hurry, there are many side hustle ideas that promise quick money in your account.

Ride Share

You can become a part of the ride share industry and earn money as a driver for Uber.

Hundreds of thousands of car owners are today earning side income by carrying Uber passengers from one destination to another in their automobile.

If you are doing a day job, you can earn money as Uber driver by working in the evening or late in the night. All you need to earn side income from ride share is to own a car in good condition and a driver’s license.

Ride share industry is growing at a frantic pace and you will not complain as it is a good paying job.

Buy and Resell Stuff Online

Buy and sell stuff on internet is nothing but buying products cheaply and then earning a profit by selling them at a higher price.

You can easily set up your shop on eBay or Amazon and sell products that you can find at wholesale or manufacturer price.

Thousands of individuals are earning a good commission through this side hustle of buy and resell stuff online.

Your online shop remains open on a 24X7 basis and you earn money even when you are sleeping.

Flip Furniture and Other Household Items

This is a method of earning money where you sell your old household and personal items on internet. There are many websites that allow you to post your items that you do not use or those that have become old and get some money by selling them.

What is a good side hustle for college students?

With tuition fees and hostel fees having increased so much in recent times, it has become very difficult for parents to send their kids to colleges and universities for higher education.

Thankfully, there are many side hustle ideas for students that can help them in earning good amount of money during college years.


If you are a good student, you can always use your knowledge to earn money as a tutor.

You can teach your juniors or kids in the college town and charge tuition fee from their parents to make attractive side income for you. 

Tutoring can be done in your spare time and you do not need any resources to earn side income through this activity.

Tutoring is a good way to earn money that makes you feel good as a teacher.

Take Online Surveys

Do you know you can earn money by filing out surveys of big and small businesses?

These companies need honest and unbiased feedback from their customers, and you can hope to earn good side income by completing a few surveys on a daily basis.

There are companies on internet that make available these surveys and you need to register yourself as a member to receive them in your email inbox.

You can do this work in just 1-2 hours daily on your computer or tablet.

Babysitting or Dog sitting

Do you love dogs? Do you like to spend time with toddlers? If yes, then you can be paid for looking after little babies and pets.

You can do this job of dog sitting or babysitting in your spare time after college and earn money on an hourly basis.

Of course, you must keep an eye on the activities of kids or pets so that they do not get injured or damage anything in the household.

You will be able to earn money for something that you like doing.

Musical Instrument Teacher

Do you know how to play a guitar, violin, piano, or drums? If yes, then you can earn side income by teaching others how to play musical instruments.

There is a craze among people to be able to play musical instruments and you can make the most of this craze by charging money for your music tuitions.

Best Side Hustle from Home

Whether you are a housewife, retired man, or a student, it is today possible to earn extra income per month by putting very little effort.

Freelance Writer

If you can write well on diverse topics under the sun, you can earn money for your skills by working as a freelance writer.

There are millions of websites and business owners that need content for their websites on a regular basis.

You can write articles, blogs, PR letters, newsletters and web content to earn good money for your effort.

Start a Podcast

You can promote products made by companies to start your podcast. You can work as their affiliate and earn commission if someone buys their products through your link.

As your followers increase in numbers, you can get sponsorships and also charge fee for mentioning products of companies.

Create and sell courses online

You can use internet to create and sell courses that can be useful and profitable for your readers or followers.

People are looking for ways to earn money easily and if you have ideas that can help people in this objective, you can sell your courses and charge membership fee from your customers.

Start a Drop Shipping Business

You can earn income from drop shipping business. All you must do is to choose your niche and find a supplier.

Then choose the platform over which you will accept orders from customers. You can earn good commission on products sold as a drop shipper.

Best Side Hustles for Men

Airbnb Your Rooms

If you have a room or a house in a tourist location, you can join AirBnB and earn money through short term rental business.

Offer Handyman Services on Craigslist

You can earn money by working as a handyman in your spare time. Just place an ad on Craiglist and visit the homes of customers to complete jobs in their premises.

Coaching A Sports Team

Have you been a good sportsman in your youth? You can use your knowledge of the sport and skills to become a coach of a team.

Best Side Hustles for Women

Create and Sell Items on Etsy

Do you have skills to create household items of decor or fashion accessories?

If yes, then you can earn good side income by selling your handcrafted products on a platform like Etsy where there is great demand for unique handmade products.

Personal Chef or Meal Delivery

Do you have great culinary skills? Can you make delicious dishes and desserts?

If yes, then your skills can help you to earn good income by becoming a chef or by starting your business of meal delivery form home.

Social Media Manager for Local Companies

Are you a very social individual having tons of friends and followers on various social media websites? If yes, then you can become a good social media manager for a business in your area.

Local companies would pay you money to promote their products and also to handle their social media accounts as you can help in creating a positive image for them and increase their sales.

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